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Arca Service Support

Arca annual service support fees cover the yearly costs of support and coordination, software hosting and support, and costs associated with governance, administration, and communications.

Service Support for BC ELN Partner Libraries

The 2016/17 Arca service support fee for BC ELN partner libraries is $5,787, which covers:

  • All the Admin Centre responsibilities found in the Arca Benefits & Responsibilities.
  • A share of 1 TB of storage. In 2017/18 Arca will have a cost sharing model in place for additional storage.

As more participating sites join Arca, the Arca Advisory Committee will develop a more nuanced Service Support Fee model that takes into consideration the diversity of institutions.

Service Support for COPPUL Partner Libraries

The 2016/17 Arca service support fee for Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) is $5,787, which covers:

A one-time $1,000 set-up fee will be charged which covers discoverygarden and Arca Admin Centre costs for initial set-up of the Islandora installation.

Questions about the Service Support Fee? Ask Anita or Sunni.