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Arca Partner Benefits & Responsibilities

The following outlines the benefits and responsibilities of participation in the Arca collaborative digital repository for BC ELN Partner Libraries. For non-BC ELN post-secondary partners, please see Arca Benefits & Responsibilities for External Post-secondary Partners.

Benefits for BC ELN Partner Libraries

Offering educators, researchers, and learners access to a digital repository service has become imperative for many BC post-secondary institutions. Supporting a stand-alone digital repository is beyond the reach of many institutions. However, participation in the Arca collaborative digital repository makes it possible through collaboration, cost-sharing, and coordination of infrastructure and resources.

By participating in Arca, sites are able to:

  • Build for the future
  • Coordinate digital resource management efficiently
  • Comply with federal grant funding policies
  • Avoid costs through centralized coordination & licensing
  • Reinforce institution brand position & prestige
  • Participate in governance, strategic planning, and service development
  • Access the Arca Administrative Centre, including technical expertise, training, communication infrastructure, etc.


The Arca service can only be as robust as its participants. BC ELN Arca sites are responsible for the following:

  • Be a BC ELN Partner Library, meeting membership requirements for BC ELN Partner Libraries
    • Exceptions (e.g. public libraries, COPPUL members) may occur with the approval of the BC ELN Steering Committee
    • Responsibilities for non-BC ELN Arca participants are available
  • Provide a yearly Arca Service Support fee as determined by the Arca Advisory Committee
  • Designate a primary institutional contact for Arca
  • Participate in development of the Arca enhancement list
  • Market the availability of the Arca service to the campus community
  • Report back regularly to the institution's administration and faculty on the benefits and impact of the Arca service at the institution

Arca Administrative Centre responsibilities include:

  • Front-line troubleshooting and technical support; liaison with service provider/development community on bugs
  • Management of the Arca enhancement process and liaison between participating institutions and service provider/development community on enhancement requests
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing service support, including communications, repository staff and administrator training, coordination of service support fees, governance, and service provider negotiations