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BC ELN - BCHDP Support Service


The BC ELN-BCHDP Support Service is a partnership between the BC Electronic Library Network (BC ELN) and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC) at the University of British Columbia Library, offering vital support to prospective BC History Digitization Program (BCHDP) grant applicants seeking to bring their unique collections online. This 3-year pilot program will provide small GLAM sector organizations -- including galleries, archives, museums, and historical societies -- with a range of support services to help them prepare and apply for BCHDP grant funding.

Depending on needs, possible support could include:

  • Assistance completing BCHDP grant application
  • Digitization project management
  • Connections to digitization service providers
  • Copyright advisory
  • Securing digitization staff
  • Preparing metadata

To provide this critical support, BC ELN will draw on a pool of experienced senior staff and will engage library school and library technician students.


BC ELN and IKBLC initiated this partnership in 2021 to meet a shared commitment of supporting the research and learning needs of those across the province by enriching online historical collections.


BC’s small libraries, archives, museums, galleries and historical associations applying for BCHDP grants are eligible to receive BC ELN support during the grant application process. Additionally, organisations can access no-cost hosting for their BCHDP-funded materials in the Arca provincial digital repository through the BCHDP-Arca Hosting Initiative.

To access support through the BCHDP grant application process, complete the Early Notice Survey available on the BCHDP grant applicant page.

2021/22 BCHDP grant recipients benefitting from BC ELN support:


Questions about the BC ELN-BCHDP Support Service? Contact Sunni Nishimura, Coordinator – Arca Partnerships.