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Arca Implementation Working Group

*Operational from June 2015 - October 2015

The Arca project is a collaborative initiative of BC post-secondary institutions to support the development and implementation of institutional repositories (IRs) at BC post-secondary institutions. Arca is a province-wide network of institutional repositories, providing access to faculty and student research output across post-secondary institutions, supporting the management of institutional digital assets, and showcasing BC as a hub for knowledge creation across Canada and around the world.

The Arca Advisory Committee is overseeing the implementation of the Arca network of digital repositories. The Islandora digital repository platform was selected for Arca, supported and hosted in Canada by discoverygarden. The next step was forming an implementation working group.


The Arca Implementation Working Group received a mandate from the Arca Advisory Committee to:

  • Represent the diverse needs of early adopters and BC post-secondary institutions;
  • Provide the Advisory Committee with input on operational needs and priorities for Arca;
  • Make recommendations to the Advisory Committee on operational best practices;
  • Advise and assist the Arca Administrative Centre with system
  • Complete an approved implementation action plan, with a status review in September 2015.


Representing Early Adopters:

  • Cortney Newton (COTR)
  • Gretchen Goertz (Douglas College)
  • Hillary Webb (ECUAD)
  • April Haddad (JIBC)
  • Kathy Gaynor (TRU)
  • Brenda Philip (UFV)
  • James MacDonald (UNBC)

Representing Sites with Existing IRs:

  • Elizabeth Padilla (BCIT)
  • Don Taylor (SFU)
  • Dan Sifton (VIU)