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Shared Services

BC ELN works with partner libraries and stakeholders in British Columbia and beyond to coordinate, develop, and implement shared services that benefit all participants. BC ELN’s shared services include:

Arca Digital Repository

Arca Digital Repository is a collaborative initiative that puts the development and implementation of a digital repository within reach for every organization, at a reasonable cost, and in a supported environment. 

Arca Partnerships

BC ELN continues to foster partnerships between Arca and external groups to address gaps in digitization and digital preservation. Partnerships include the BCHDP-Arca Hosting Service and the BC ELN-BCHDP Support Service.

BC ELN-BC Data Service Partnership

BC ELN and BC Data Service are partnering to provide BC ELN partner libraries with no-charge access to four BC Assessment datasets that they would otherwise not be able to access without a contract. 

Open Access Journal Hosting

BC ELN has partnered with the University of Alberta Library to provide free hosting and maintenance of student, faculty, or staff-led open journals.