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ILL Invoicing and Statistics

BC ELN coordinates invoicing for interlibrary loans and media requesting among partner libraries. BC ELN also coordinates policy developments as needed.

Core Policies and Procedures

BC ELN partner libraries do not charge each other for returnables (books); there is a $5 charge for photocopies/non-returnables. Statistics are collected to facilitate the invoicing service. No statistics are kept for services with no charge, e.g. book requesting.

Illume is a service shared by BC's public and post-secondary libraries. There are no ILL charges across sector, and no statistics kept. BC ELN partner libraries participating in Illume do not charge BC public libraries for ILL, and vice versa. For more information about Illume, visit the Illume Support Site.

Partner libraries:

  • enter lending statistics once a year through an online form
  • review borrowing statistics regularly,and contact lending libraries to resolve any discrepancies
  • complete a final review early in the calendar prior to final invoicing


  • coordinates the final annual review in January or February
  • issues one invoice or cheque per library on a net-lending basis in February
  • reconciles accounts

Statistics Collection

BC ELN partner libraries track number of copies/non-returnables sent to other BC ELN partner libraries throughout the year.  Before reporting, statistics are to be collected by each partner library through different sources such as an interlibrary loan system (Illume, Relais) or other internal tracking methods.

Illume FAQ:

ILL Invoicing Procedures

  1. In January, BC ELN libraries are asked to enter the number of copies/non-returnables sent to other BC ELN partner libraries from January 1 to December 31 of the previous year; libraries enter their statistics into a Google Form, sent via email.
    1. Reporting libraries should enter a zero if copies/non-returnables were not sent to that library during the reporting period OR ILL transactions with that library are reconciled in another way.
    2. COPPUL full member libraries reporting statistics should mark a zero for all libraries marked COPPUL on the form. Transactions with other COPPUL full member libraries should be reported via the COPPUL ILL statistics reconciliation process.
  2.  Once entered, statistics are reconciled by the BC ELN Office into a single spreadsheet.
  3. A review period provides time for libraries to review the spreadsheet, contact other BC ELN libraries to resolve any discrepanices, and inform the BC ELN Office of any changes.
  4. Once the review period has passed, BC ELN reconciles all statistics and generates one cheque or invoice for each participating library on a net-lending basis. Invoicing also reflects a partial cost-recovery fee of $0.35 per item.

ILL Statistics Spreadsheets by Year

For previous years, please contact the BC ELN Office.

ILL Invoicing


ILL Directory Information



For assistance with ILL invoicing and statistics, please contact Korinne Hamakawa, Client Support Specialist.

BC ELN also coordinates policy developments as needed. For information on policy coordination, contact Sunni Nishimura, Resource Sharing Manager.