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WriteAway Commitment Model

To support the WriteAway service participating institutions contribute staffing hours, a service support fee, and the flexible contribution plan is also available.

In 2014/15, the BC eTutoring Concept Committee approved the implementation of a six-tier WriteAway Service Support Fee Model. Service Support fees collected from participating institutions are used to cover collaborative service expenditures.

The models are based on funded FTEs. These numbers are obtained from the budget letters released annually by the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

WriteAway Service Support Fees for 2024/25 Fiscal Year

Tier FTE Range Fee per Institution
Tier One < 2,499 $1,694
Tier Two 2,500 - 5,999 $2,456
Tier Three 6,000 - 7,499 $3,268
Tier Four 7,500 - 14,999 $4,566
Tier Five 15,000 - 29,999 $6,579
Tier Six > 30,000 $8,234

WriteAway Staffing Contributions

The WriteAway Advisory Committee has committed to the minimum staffing contributions listed below, enabling reliable and efficient online support for students. 

September-December and January-April Semesters

Tier FTE Range Minimum Hours of Staffing Contributions
Tier One < 2,499 72
Tier Two 2,500 - 5,999 77
Tier Three 6,000 - 7,499 88
Tier Four 7,500 - 14,999 99
Tier Five 15,000 - 29,999 110
Tier Six > 30,000 110


May-August Semester

Tier FTE Range Minimum Hours of Staffing Contributions
Tier One < 2,499 35
Tier Two 2,500 - 5,999 39
Tier Three 6,000 - 7,499 44
Tier Four 7,500 - 14,999 50
Tier Five 15,000 - 29,999 55
Tier Six > 30,000 55

Tier 1

Coast Mountain College
College of the Rockies
North Island College
Northern Lights College
Selkirk College
Yukon University

Tier 2

Alexander College
College of New Caledonia
Coquitlam College
Okanagan College
Trinity Western University

Tier 3

Camosun College
Langara College
University of the Fraser Valley
Vancouver Community College             

Tier 4

British Columbia Institute of Technology
Douglas College
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Thompson Rivers University

Tier 5

Simon Fraser University

Tier 6


Flexible Contribution Plan

The flexible contribution, instituted in 2018, is a complement to, rather than a substitution for, contributed staffing hours.

Staffing hours in the flexible contribution plan are available by block (1 block = 10 hours of tutoring) at a rate of $300/block. These blocks are valid only during their semester of purchase, as staff will be contracted each semester to fill the blocks.

Flexible contribution fees will be collected by the WriteAway Administrative Centre and used to facilitate a staffing pool of independent contractors. Compensation for contractors is based on Simon Fraser University’s (the WriteAway Administrative Centre host institution), salary scale for writing facilitators.

For example: Institution A is a tier two institution with a minimum contribution of 70 hours for the September-December semester. If, for whatever reason, institution A is only able to hire a writing facilitator for 60 hours for the semester, they can purchase one block of staffing hours (10 hours) to meet the minimum contribution for the September-December semester. For the January-April semester, institution A hires an individual for 75 hours and does not need to make use of the flexible contribution plan.

Institutions may handle allocation of hours and flexible contribution fees differently from semester to semester.

Please contact the WriteAway Administrative Centre ( 778-782-9404) for more details.