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AskAway Action Planning

Action Planning Framework (2023-2028)

With the participation of all AskAway members and the support of the Advisory Committee, AskAway confirmed its vision and values and developed collaborative service priorities. The service value, 5-year service vision, and 2-3 year activities are shared below.

The Framework is also available as a PDF: AskAway Action Planning Framework 2023-2028.

Service Value

Expanded Access to Research Help

  • Together, libraries provide research support beyond what one library can offer alone
  • Research support to students is expanded beyond local library walls, hours, and staff commitments

Convenient, Low-Barrier, Online

  • Students can connect to a low-barrier, real-time, and online service when they need it
  • Students receive approachable, immediate, and expert help regardless of their location
  • Libraries stay connected to students studying remotely and at a distance

Skilled and Connected Community

  • Service providers and local coordinators build communities of practice
  • Service providers hone their skills by answering questions from a diverse range of students and navigating new resources at participating libraries
  • Working together, colleagues from participating institutions collectively improve reference services across the sector

Local and Provincial Cost-Savings

  • Individual institutions and the post-secondary sector realize cost-savings by being part of a shared service

5-Year Service Vision

In the next five years, we will see an AskAway service that:

  • Fosters collaboration among participating institutions and service providers*
  • Ensures accessibility for all*
  • Leverages technology to enhance the service*
  • Maintains or grows service levels*
  • Effectively responds to student / patron needs
  • Delivers high quality reference and excellent information literacy instruction
  • Engages and meets users at point of need
  • Demonstrates value to stakeholders

*2-3 year priorities. Additional priorities can be identified from the list in following years.

2-3 Year Priorities and Activities

Visit the 2-3 Year Service Priorities and Activities page to see next steps, including a timeline for activities that meet AskAway's 2-3 year priorities.

Supporting documents:

​Action Planning Sessions Outcomes (August 2023)
Action Planning Process (November 2022)

Past Action Plan (2017-2022)

The AskAway Advisory Committee developed priorities to align with the BC ELN Strategic Plan for 2016-21 and to envision an even better AskAway.

These documents report on action planning for the service: