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Selection Strategy

Electronic resources are selected by the BC ELN consortium in a manner consistent with its mandate to pursue products and services that bring maximum benefit to the BC post-secondary system as a whole.

BC ELN's resource licensing strategy depends upon a distributed support environment that draws upon the strengths and abilities represented within individual BC ELN partner libraries. Suggestions for electronic resource licensing originating from BC ELN partner libraries are assumed to be consistent with their mission and research goals. Designated partner library staff evaluate available electronic resources according to criteria reflecting the needs of their local institution.

In selecting resources for consortial licensing, BC ELN:

  • Seeks a balance across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines (arts and humanities, sciences, social sciences including business, and general or cross-disciplinary resources)
  • Works to minimize the number of user interfaces without compromising the quality and presentation of data, nor the competitive advantage when products are available from multiple vendors
  • Gives priority to licensing digital resources which offer economies of scale by benefiting the most BC ELN partner libraries system-wide

BC ELN's role in the selection process is: 

  • Facilitating and coordinating the process of selection, licensing and access to digital content
  • Gathering information (e.g. background material, title lists, other relevant documentation)
  • Arranging database trials
  • Negotiating the best pricing
  • Examining the license agreement and negotiating advantageous terms and conditions