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World Book Online is comprised of World Book Advanced (which now includes World Book Academic), World Book Student, World Book Kids, Encyclopedia Decouverte, Estudiantil, and World Book Timelines and Mobile.

World Book Advanced provides access to thousands of articles, primary sources, and online books designed to support personalized learning. Advanced contains up-to-the-minute access to worldwide news publications, government links from numerous countries, and multimedia reference materials. World Book Advanced now includes content from World Book Academic. Key features include:

  • Access to over 600+ global newspapers, for perspectives on global issues
  • Unique content-sharing tool for differentiated learners that directs users to specified content within that database
  • Access to a digital saving tool where articles and media can be stored for use
  • Primary sources with advanced lesson plans and assessments for classroom support
  • Access to thousands of government websites from around the globe

To learn more about World Book Student, World Book Kids, Encyclopedia Decouverte, Estudiantil, Timelines, and Mobile, please visit the current product description from the vendor that is linked below.

A separate World Book eBook collection is also available. The collection includes classics spanning drama, fiction, literature, poetry, and more. Key features include:

  • 24/7 unlimited simultaneous access and downloads for offline reading
  • Download PDFs from World Book Online or other websites to have all your documents in one place
  • Unlike purchase-based models, World Book eBooks are continually updated through the term of your subscription
  • Offline notes synchronize with online reader
  • Personalize your eBook account with customized Bookshelves
  • Annotate and highlight text and save annotations, highlights, and bookmarks to individual accounts
  • Interactive games, videos and audio clips

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Last updated: August 9, 2017

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