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Significant in scope and depth, PsycBOOKS is the most current and only comprehensive collection of full-text APA-published scholarly and professional books. This extensive collection of current and classic peer-reviewed books provides a pathway through the evolution of psychological thought, giving students, researchers, and educators access to high-quality publications in psychology and related fields.

PsycBOOKS offers a time-tested view of psychological knowledge, from the most current APA publications covering contemporary research including the application of clinical theory and practice, to the historic underpinnings of modern psychology. Thousands of books and chapters provide users insights into the development of psychological knowledge from the early 1600s to 21st-century applications. The inclusion of hard-to-find, out-of-print books and more than 3,000 classic resources makes PsycBOOKS a crucial research tool for psychology and the behavioral sciences.

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Last updated: March 13, 2015

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