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Project MUSE offers access to thousands of books from more than 100 distinguished scholarly publishers in a wide range of subjects within the humanities and social sciences. MUSE offers several purchase and subscription options to accommodate the different research needs and budgets at academic institutions. Participating publishers select the titles they offer on the MUSE platform on an annual basis, and decide through which product models they will make their books available on MUSE.

Book Collections are available for purchase in a variety of options, including collections by subject or by area studies, as complete collections of all titles released on MUSE from a single publication year, archival collections of backlist titles, and supplemental collections of titles added to the MUSE platform after their initial publication year. Purchase of a MUSE Book Collection conveys perpetual access rights and interlibrary loan permission for the included books.

Features of the UPCC Book Collections on MUSE include:

  • Unlimited simultaneous usage, printing and downloading
  • DRM-free PDF format, searchable and retrievable to the chapter level
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • Free MARC records
  • Simultaneous publication in e and p formats for new titles
  • Perpetual access rights for purchased books

Project MUSE offers open access (OA) books from several distinguished university presses and scholarly societies. Through our open access hosting programs, we are able to offer publishers a platform for their OA content which ensures visibility, discoverability, and wide dissemination. These books are freely available to libraries and users around the world.

A list of book publishers whose titles are in Project MUSE is available on the vendor's website.

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Last updated: January 20, 2020



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