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Historical Newspapers of British Columbia

ProQuest has launched historic archives of the The Province (1898-2010), the Vancouver Sun (1912-2010) and the Times-Colonist (1884 -2010). These are full page image scans, with metadata for articles, editorials, obituaries, ads, cartoons and more (over 20 types), and cross searchable with other products on the ProQuest platform.

Institutions may subscribe to one, two, or at a further discount, to all three newspapers.

From the vendor:

The Province (1898-2010)
Founded by Arthur H. Scaife as a literary weekly, The Province chronicles how immigration helped develop Vancouver via its location as a railhead for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. User will find extensive coverage of the early years of fishing, foresty and farming trades. The Province transitioned to a tabloid format in 1983 and its front-page photos became a focus, including "Wait for Me, Daddy" which was taken of the British Columbia Regiment on October 1, 1940 and then widely published to capture life during war time.

Vancouver Sun (1912-2010)
Founded in 1912 down the street from its rival, The Province, the paper quickly became known as the working man's newspaper. Its founding publish, Robert Cromie, was a bold and resourceful champion for British Columbia against the interests of Eastern Canada. Its content includes award-winning political cartoonist, Len Norris and Roy Peterson, and the first use of digital photography.

Times-Colonist (1884-2010)
Established in 1884 as the Victoria Daily Times, the Times-Colonist was the first permanently established newspaper in British Columbia. In 1980, the Victoria Daily Times merged with the British Colonist to become the Times-Colonist. ProQuests's archive spans the full run of Victoria Daily Times with the Times Colonist from 1980-2010. Editor Hon. Amor de Cosmos, was a pioneer politician in British Columbia and its second Premier. His promotion of change through economic and population growth is reflected in the paper's coverage of farming, forestry, and fisheries - the foundation of British Columbia's economy. The Times-Colonist is also an excellent source for local news coverage and historical images.


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