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The BC ELN license covers three products: Canadian Almanac and Dictionary, Canada Info Desk, and Canadian Who's Who.

Canadian Almanac and Directory

A combination of textual material, charts, colour photographs and directory listings, the Canadian Almanac & Directory provides is the most complete source of Canadian information available - cultural, professional and financial institutions, legislative, governmental, judicial and educational organizations. Canada's authoritative sourcebook for 173 years, the Canadian Almanac & Directory includes over 50,000 entries covering hundreds of topics, making this the number one refernce for collected facts and figures about Canada.

Significant updated to the Law Firms section
Full updates to the top 1,000 corporations in Canada
Substantial updates to the Arts & Culture, Education, Judicial, Libraries, Publishing, and Transportation sections
The latest Provincial and Municipal election results
The Directory makes up most of this title. Categories include: Arts & Culture; Associations; Broadcasting; Business & Finance; Education; Federal/Provincial Government; Municipal Government; Judicial Government; Hospitals & Health Care Facilities; Law Firms; Libraries; Publishing; Religion; Sports; Transportation; and Utilities.

The almanac section of this comprehensive resource includes national statistics on population, employment, imports and exports, and more. National Awards and Honours are presented, along with forms of address, Commonwealth information and full colour photos of Canadian symbols. Postal information, weights, measures, distances, and other useful charts are also incorporated. Complete almanac information includes perpetual calendars, five-year holiday planners and astronomical information.

Each of the 17 sections in the Almanac includes a detailed Table of Contents, outlining hundreds of subcategories. A Topical Table of Contents and a comprehensive Entry Name Index at the end of the work make navigation of the massive amount of material quick and easy.

Canada Info Desk

Greyhouse's all-encompassing Canadian online source that provides access to all 20 databases. And that means access to tens of thousands of cultural and professional organizations, government offices, law firms, banks, health and education facilities, libraries, and the media ranging from magazines to broadcasters. With Canada Info Desk, you have access to over 100,000 contact names across Canada, too. All carefully indexed for easy productive search queries. No other online source covers the diverse array of Canadian information like Canada Info Desk. A virtual who's who and what's where in Canada.

Canadian Who's Who

Canadian Who's Who is the only authoritative biographical publication of its kind in Canada, offering access to thousands of Canadian icons from all walks of life, including 2,162 Professors, 2,151 executives, 884 writers, 789 lawyers, 460 politicians, 397 artists, 411 scientists and researchers, 300 musicians, 170 athletes, 176 actors and more!

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Last updated: March 8, 2021

Multi-Consortial Note: 

This license is made available through a national site license negotiated on behalf of Consortia Canada by The Alberta Library (TAL).

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