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Feature Film Public Performance Rights: Education - ACF

Under the Canadian Copyright Act any viewing or exhibition of a film in a public place must have a Public Performance Rights license. As the law considers classrooms as public places, private, for-profit institutions are required to have an Education license in order to show films in classrooms for educational purposes.

Education licenses are are available from two vendors: Audio Cine Films and Criterion Pictures. Between them they cover almost all of the major US and Canadian studios and production companies and many independent producers and foreign films.

The PPR license covers any showing of films as long as the video is legally obtained. It can come from the library's collection, the instructor's personal collection, or a video rental store. Copies that have been dubbed from broadcast or cable, or transferred from another copy, or illegally downloaded, are not covered.

For film events taking place outside of the classroom, institutions must have a separate Entertainment license.