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Audio Cine Films (ACF) Streaming

Streaming popular movies and classics has never been easier.

  • Accounts are available either based on automatic IP recognition or through a standard login/password.
  • Hundreds of movies to choose from, additional titles are added on a monthly basis.
  • The majority of new releases are added within 1-2 days of being released in Blu-ray and DVD.
  • Multiple language options are available.
  • Titles can be added upon request.
  • FREE test accounts are available for product evaluation.
  • MARC Records and EZ Proxy capabilities are available.
  • Pre-Releases are NOT AVAILABLE in streaming.

Film Studios included:

  • Universal Studios
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • MGM Studios
  • Sony Pictures
  • VVS Films
  • Lionsgate Film

This service includes the public performance rights licensing for all films in the streaming library. ACF-licensed films that are not in the streaming library still require a separate PPR license.

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Last updated: December 11, 2020

Multi-Consortial Note: 

This license is negotiatied by The Alberta Library on behalf of Consortia Canada.

Supporting documents: