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Technical Requirements for Membership

Libraries must meet the following technical requirements to be a member in BC ELN. If your institution is considering applying for Associate Membership and you are unsure if you meet the following requirements, feel free to contact the BC ELN Office for more information.

Requirement Additional Information
Reliable, stable internet connection BC ELN services (e.g. Arca, WriteAway) require access to the internet and the ability to use the internet reliably (e.g. to send or download files).
Modern web browser(s) updated to latest version Example browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge.
A public-facing library web page or website

At minimum this web page or site should provide: 

  • Information about the library (e.g. hours);

  • Access to the OPAC; and

  • Contact information.

In order to participate in BC ELN services, the library must be able to add information and/or applications to the library web page/site. Examples:

AskAway: Libraries must have the ability to host an image or a link on the library website. The primary way to provide access to AskAway is by embedding a chat box that uses JavaScript. If CMS does not support JavaScript, libraries have the option of inserting a chat box with an IFRAME or directing students to AskAway via a link or an image.

Illume Interlibrary Loan: Libraries should have the ability to publish interlibrary loan policies publicly on their website for all Illume participating libraries to access.

An online public access catalogue (OPAC)

A digital database of materials held by the library. Patrons should be able to use the OPAC to find out about the items the library has in its collection. The OPAC must:

  • Be accessible without signing in; and

  • Conform to generally accepted standards (e.g. MARC, OAI, RDA).

Note: to participate in Illume Resource Sharing, libraries must be able to extract and provide accurate and timely updates of catalogue MARC records to the shared consortial BC Union Catalogue union database.

Electronic resources must be accessible off-site via authenticated log-in from the public-facing library website

BC ELN partner libraries must provide authenticated off-site access to electronic resources (e.g. databases, electronic books) from the public-facing library website. Off-site access must be authenticated beyond a single shared institutional username/password. Example authentication methods include EZproxy or OpenAthens.

Note: to participate in AskAway, libraries must provide guest login credentials that service providers can use to access e-resources off-site. This is to enable AskAway providers to assist students at the institution with their available resources.

ISO Compliance

For participation in Illume Resource Sharing: All libraries not using Illume (SHAREit) as their primary Interlibrary Loan (ILL) management software must ensure their software (eg. OCLC Relais) is configured as an ISO-software target site to communicate directly with Illume.