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Benefits and Responsibilities for Members


BC ELN serves as the catalyst for collaboration amongst the BC post-secondary libraries, helping individual partners achieve much more than they could independently. This translates into benefits on many levels.

Benefits for Learners, Educators, and Researchers

  • Access to 80+ databases across the disciplines offering online journals, reports, newspapers, and ebooks (exact number dependent on which databases institutions choose to subscribe to);
  • Equitable access to a core suite of databases for every learner in the province through the Undergraduate Foundation Collection;
  • 67 hours weekly of real-time chat-based reference services through the AskAway service;
  • Access to 14.5 million+ items through the BC Library Collections Gateway (OutLook OnLine, reSearcher Resource Suite, Interlibrary Loans).

Financial Benefits for Partner Libraries

BC ELN coordinated services and licenses save BC post-secondary libraries both time and money allowing Partner Libraries to deliver superior library services in the most efficient way possible. Financial benefits include:

  • The possibility of tapping into discounts on 80 database licenses achieved through leveraging group purchasing power. Discounts average 30% versus direct purchasing saving partner libraries $2.85 millionĀ in 2015;
  • Thousands of hours of staff time saved by obviating the need for each library to negotiate and manage license renewal processes, by facilitating interlibrary loan transactions, and by coordinating the AskAway service.

Administrative Benefits For Partner Libraries

Libraries receive additional benefits associated with the BC ELN office:

  • Access to the BC ELN communications infrastructure for planning purposes, budgeting, and managing change;
  • Services of BC ELN Client Support Specialist for database troubleshooting, platform migrations, invoicing, and statistical analysis;
  • Ongoing training for BC ELN supported products and services;
  • Participation in advocacy, lobbying, leadership, and collaborative efforts as taken on by BC ELN;
  • Allows libraries to claim 'affiliation' status with BC ELN (affiliation status is not extended to the host institution, Simon Fraser University).

Privileges for Partner Libraries: Participation in Governance and Strategic Planning

BC ELN depends on partner library participation in the governance of the consortium and in shaping its strategies and new initiatives.

Member Requirements and Responsibilities

BC ELN successes are a direct result of the synergies created by successful collobaration at all levels amongst its partners. It is important that all members embrace the vision, mission, core values, and principles of BC ELN.

BC ELN members must:

  • Be operational in British Columbia;
  • Be part of a post-secondary institution;
  • Have a library available to their BC students;
  • Have consent to offer credentials by the Province of British Columbia through the Degree Quality Assessment Board or;
  • Have exemption status from the Degree Quality Assessment Board, or;
  • Be accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC), or;
  • Have authority from the Government of BC to offer credentials (includes institutional charters passed by the BC Legislature);
  • Provide credible (accredited) full time equivalent (FTE) student numbers annually;
  • Have adequate and dedicated library staffing levels to be assessed in cooperation with the BC ELN office;

Further, all BC ELN members must:

  • Meet all the requirements listed for the BC ELN services they subscribe to;
  • Understand and comply with procedural requirements of any BC ELN product(s) or service area(s) the member participates in, including the automatic renewal approach to database licensing;
  • Comply with Terms and Conditions of licenses signed by BC ELN on the members' behalf;
  • Promptly pay invoices for BC ELN coordinated products and services. At the discretion of BC ELN, prepayment may be required for Associate Members.

Fees for Membership

Application and Assessment Fee

  • There is no application or assessment fee for Full Members.
  • For more information on Associate Members application fees, please refer to the Associate Member Fee Schedule.

Membership Fee

  • There is no annual membership fee for Full Members. Infrastructure costs for the BC ELN Office are covered for Full Members by core funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education.
  • For information on membership fees for Associate Members, please refer to the Associate Member Fee Schedule.

Specific Services: Fees and Requirements

  • Most BC ELN service areas and initiatives operate on a financial partnership model, with stakeholders making monetary or in-kind contributions to cover costs. For example, databases are licensed on a cost recovery model with each participating library paying the cost of the databases they choose to license. Costs for each service and initiative are available on the appropriate page of the BC ELN website.
  • The two service areas below have the specific requirements as follows:

1. Partner Libraries participating in Research Database licensing must:

  • Agree to comply with the licenses negotiated by BC ELN including protecting appropriate access guidelines;
  • Pay for all vendor licensing costs for databases that they choose to subscribe to;
  • Be able to provide accurate FTE counts;
  • Have IP addresses that are distinct to their institution;
  • Provide secure authentication if off-campus database access is allowed;
  • Have technical support at a workable level so that BC ELN licensed databases can be accessed by users;
  • Have appropriate staffing levels so that instructional support to their institution's users is available for licensed databases.

2. Partner Libraries participating in the AskAway reference service must:

  • Commit to the AskAway Service Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures
  • Provide professional staff time to the AskAway service as appropriate
  • Have adequate electronic resources available for learners and AskAway service providers to facilitate the online reference experience.
  • Have, or demonstrate a timeline towards achieving, an online library catalogue accessible to off-site users and AskAway service providers.
  • Have on-site reference available so that AskAway is a supplement only to existing services.

Terms of Payment

Partner Libraries will be billed 4-5 times annually for databases and services.
At the discretion of BC ELN, prepayment may be required for Associate Members.