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UPCC Project Muse eBooks Offer 2018-2019

Response Deadline: 
February 25, 2019

Subscription Term


January 1, 2019


December 31, 2019

Project MUSE eBooks

BC ELN partner libraries can purchase any of the Project Muse E-Book collections through BC ELN, for a consortial discount of 10% plus an additional 6.5% applied when the consortial invoice is prepared. This offer is made nation-wide through Consortia Canada.

This offer is unusual in that Project MUSE expects that most ebook purchases will require a facilitated sales/ordering process with MUSE staff as it may be difficult for a library to figure out how best to get the content most applicable. There is some content overlap among collections; libraries should ask MUSE about this and be clear on what is included in each collection being ordered because MUSE will not adjust pricing due to overlap. Libraries are asked to consult with MUSE directly before making a purchase decision. However, the actual order must come from the consortium to qualify for consortium discounts.

MUSE Contact for libraries is Doug Storm,, Phone: 217-823-0286.



        From the vendor: 

        By the end of 2019, there will be nearly 57,000 ebooks on MUSE, from over 120 distinguished scholarly presses. 

        Project MUSE offers access to thousands of books from more than 100 distinguished scholarly publishers in a wide range of subjects within the humanities and social sciences. MUSE offers several purchase and subscription options to accommodate the different research needs and budgets at academic institutions. Participating publishers select the titles they offer on the MUSE platform on an annual basis, and decide through which product models they will make their books available on MUSE.

        Book Collections are available for purchase in a variety of options, including collections by subject or by area studies, as complete collections of all titles released on MUSE from a single publication year, archival collections of backlist titles, and supplemental collections of titles added to the MUSE platform after their initial publication year. Purchase of a MUSE Book Collection conveys perpetual access rights and interlibrary loan permission for the included books. Two subscription options, with access but not perpetual ownership or ILL rights, are also available. 

        Project MUSE also offers a program of Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) of book titles on MUSE. There are currently over 35,000 books in this program.

        Further details on MUSE Books, including participating publishers, collection descriptions and title lists, a sample purchase agreement, and free sample book content, may be found at



        Available on the Project MUSE platform beginning January 1, 2012, UPCC Book Collections will provide libraries, researchers, and students digital access to a wealth of high quality book-length scholarship, fully integrated with MUSE’s electronic journal collections. Offerings include Current Collections, comprised of books published or scheduled to publish in 2010, 2011, and 2012, available as single-year collections or with special discounts for the purchase of multiple years. Current Complete Collections include all books available across all disciplines for the applicable calendar year, while Current Subject Collections offer books in selected disciplines by calendar year. Also available are Archival Foundation Collections, consisting of many thousands of titles published prior to 2010, allowing libraries to procure access to a critical mass of significant content at very affordable prices. Subject collections available include Archeology and Anthropology; Classical Studies (Archival Collection only); Film, Theater and Performing Arts; Global Cultural Studies; Higher Education; History; Language and Linguistics (Archival Collection only); Literature; Philosophy and Religion; Poetry, Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction; Political Science and Policy Studies; and United States Regional Studies.

        Project MUSE focused on providing the library community with the widest possible array of collection purchasing options. There are 47 different collections to choose from as well as 11 specially-priced three-year current bundles.

        [From vendor]

        Last updated: December 13, 2013


        Response Instructions

        To PARTICIPATE, contact BC ELN by Monday, February 25, 2019, indicating which collection(s) you wish to participate in by filling out the book order form below. There is no need to calculate discounts, just fill out the list price for your library's tier.

        BC ELN/COPPUL libraries should respond to BC ELN.

        Terms & Conditions

        Additional Information

        Features of the UPCC Book Collections on MUSE include:

        • Unlimited simultaneous usage, printing and downloading
        • DRM-free PDF format, searchable and retrievable to the chapter level
        • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
        • Free MARC records
        • Simultaneous publication in e and p formats for new titles
        • Perpetual access rights for purchased books