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ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail Renewal 2017-2018

Response Deadline: 
November 24, 2017

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January 1, 2018


December 31, 2018

Renewal pricing is now available for ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail. This database is made available to BC ELN partner libraries through a national site license negotiated by the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) on behalf of Consortia Canada.

Pricing for 2018 has increased by approximately 3% over last year's pricing.



ProQuest Historical Newspaper: The Globe and Mail offers a wealth of historical resources through over 150 years of day-to-day history. The online database consists of the digitized full-image archive of The Globe and Mail newspaper dating back to when it was founded by George Brown in 1844 as The Globe.

The content includes every news story, photograph, map, advertisement, classified advertisement, political cartoon, birth, marriage and death notices and letters to the editor from The Globe and Mail. Coverage of issues from early life in Canada West (formerly Upper Canada), Confederation, through the World Wars, major conflicts, first flight of man, and the sinking of great ships are all detailed and covered.

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Last updated: November 17, 2017


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To RENEW, no response is required from current subscribers as listed above. To JOIN or CANCEL, libraries should contact BC ELN by the response deadline.

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