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Oxford English Dictionary Renewal 2022-2023

Response Deadline: 
June 20, 2022

Subscription Term


July 1, 2022


June 30, 2023

Renewal pricing is now available for the Oxford English Dictionary. This database is made available to BC ELN partner libraries through a national site licence negotiated on behalf of Consortia Canada by BC ELN. Following successive flat or low increases over the past two years, a 3.5% increase was negotiated for this renewal. However, changes in FTE may cause shifts in pricing. There is a minimum price of $502 USD.


Additional Information

Use statistics can be obtained by using your institution login on the admin module for OUP. Statistics have been provided by OUP for January - December 2020; contact BC ELN for access.

Questions? Contact: 
BC ELN Licensing Team