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National Geographic Virtual Library Renewal 2020-2021

Response Deadline: 
December 18, 2020

Subscription Term


January 1, 2021


December 31, 2021

Renewal pricing is now available for the National Geographic Virtual Library. There is no increase over last year's pricing.

      There are three licensing options available for these two products:

      1. Magazine Archive purchase only (with annual hosting fees)
      2. Magazine Archive purchase and Current Magazine annual subscription
      3. Annual subscription to the Magazine Archive and the Current Magazine



      National Geographic and Gale have partnered to bring vast resources to digital life with National Geographic Virtual Library. Now libraries can offer access to the complete archive of National Geographic magazine — every page of every issue — along with a cross-searchable collection of books, maps, images, and videos.

      The National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994

      As the official journal of the nonprofit National Geographic Society, National Geographic magazine built its reputation delivering the highest-quality photojournalism and cartography in the world.

      As generations of researchers and fans will attest, the iconic monthly publication provides unparalleled, in-depth coverage of cultures, nature, science, technology, and more -- making it an essential resource for educators and students as well as general readers. Thanks to advanced digital technology, your library can now offer unlimited access to the magazine to the mid-1990s -- every article from every issue, each fully searchable through an intuitive interface.

      Deliver an unparalleled National Geographic experience by subscribing to all parts of the National Geographic Virtual Library -- search the vivid photographs and historic articles as well as engaging videos and detailed maps.

      The National Geographic Magazine, 1995-Current

      National Geographic magazine brings the world of geography -- in its broadest sense -- to some 60 million readers around the globe each month. With comprehensive, timely articles and legendary photographs and maps, the magazine documents life on our planet and beyond, and interprets the world's sweeping changes through the lens of personal experience. National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1995-Current includes every article of National Geographic magazine from the mid-1990s through the current issues.

      Offer your users an unparalleled National Geographic experience by subscribing to all parts of the National Geographic Virtual Library -- search the vivid photographs and historic articles the same time as engaging videos and detailed maps.

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      Last updated: November 20, 2020


      Response Instructions

      To RENEW, no response is required from current subscribers. To JOIN, CANCEL, or CHANGE OPTIONS, libraries should contact BC ELN by the response deadline.

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