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IRIS Education Streaming Video Renewal 2016-2017

Response Deadline: 
March 21, 2016

Subscription Term


May 1, 2016


December 31, 2016

Service to end December 31, 2016

Iris Education is phasing out its streaming media hosting business, with service ending on December 31, 2016. Current subscribers are invited to continue with prorated pricing until they are able to transition to another service. Participating institutions will not be invoiced until their final service date is known, and will only be charged for the months of service used.

BC ELN is currently investigating alternative hosting options. Participating institutions may also choose to move to their own preferred hosts. Iris have pledged to support subscribers with their transitions to new platforms.


Digitization services:

  • VHS and other tape formats: $40 per tape
  • DVDs: $30 per disc

IRIS will capture and convert the tape/DVD to an h.264 streaming file and create a broadcast quality video file (MPG2) as a backup, in the event a an issue arises with the streaming file.

The library making the request is responsible for securing any permissions required to allow the material to be replicated in digital form. Also, all defects in the original VHS presentation will be replicated in the digital copy and any defects with the physical media may impact the quality of the transfer.

Sites with their own accounts will need to update their links to the videos in the shared collection. Due to IP address conflicts with the shared account, any site with its own account (including trial accounts) will need to update their links to the videos in the Shared Collection. Use this list of links to your videos to update your records.

We received a question about whether a Canadian hosting option is available. Videos are hosted on IRIS's servers in Seattle. IRIS hosts videos and provides streaming only; no personal information is being requested. Please let us know if you have identified privacy concerns.

Additional Information

Product Description:

BC ELN is pleased to offer consortial licensing for video hosting and streaming accounts on the IRIS Education platform.

IRIS powers the shared collection of streaming videos formerly managed by AEMAC, which libraries have been using since 2009. This same platform is now available to host and stream libraries' own video assets.

IRIS has a powerful network and extensive storage capabilities. Libraries will have access to unlimited hosting and bandwidth, within reason [vendor's words].

Subscription Information:

The license includes:

  • A video streaming platform
  • Hosting for any video content owned or licensed by the library
  • The ability to add content at any time
  • The ability to specify IP ranges that may or may not access particular content

BC ELN will coordinate the licence with IRIS and handle invoicing, similar to research database licenses. Individual institutions are responsible for licensing and uploading content.

Institutional Account Information:

Institutional account info was sent via email to subscribers on March 30, 2015 with the subject line:"Your SCCtv Streaming Trial Account at ..."

A list of videos you have access to, including links and an exportable Excel file, can be found here:

Questions? Contact: 
Brandon Weigel