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Informit Indigenous Collection Renewal 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
September 20, 2021

Subscription Term


October 1, 2021


September 30, 2022

Renewal pricing for the Informit Indigenous Collection, available via Consortia Canada and negotiated by The Alberta Library (TAL), is now available. There is no increase over last year's pricing.


Content continues to be added to the collection and it is constantly updated. For latest title lists etc. visit:



Informit’s Indigenous Collection brings together ground-breaking and emerging research with topical and historical issues paramount to Indigenous studies across the world. Offering broad scope for critical international engagement and debate surrounding Indigenous culture, health, human geography and other important aspects, this inter-disciplinary platform gives definitive voice to Indigenous communities in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Collection highlights

  • Centres on significant historical and contemporary aspects of Indigenous culture and experience
  • Ideal for education, business and academic sectors seeking a better understanding of matters impacting Indigenous populations across the world
  • Authoritative views, insights and voices from Indigenous individuals and groups
  • Dedicated to content from and about Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Pacific region and North America, with articles by researchers worldwide
  • Extensive coverage of current and historical information sources
  • New articles added daily

Key subjects include:

  • Anthropology
  • Social and Societal Outlooks
  • Health
  • Colonial and PostColonial Studies
  • Law and Land Rights
  • Human Geography
  • Education
  • Native Title
  • Visual and Performing Arts

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Last updated: August 27, 2021


Response Instructions

To RENEW, no response is required from current subscribers as listed above. To CANCEL, libraries should contact BC ELN by the response deadline.

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