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Harvard Business Publishing Student Success Package Offer 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
January 20, 2021

Subscription Term


February 1, 2021


December 31, 2021

BC ELN is pleased to announce an offer for a new business resource. The Harvard Business Publishing Student Success Package is a partnership between EBSCO publishing and Harvard Business Review. The package combines core resources and case studies covering topics in entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, marketing, operations management, organizational behaviour and strategy. 

On top of discounted pricing, there are participation discounts based on COPPUL/TAL/BC ELN total commitments. The publisher has agreed to an extra 10% discount this year for libraries with subscriptions to the HBRP ebook subscription. For this offer, the HBP Student Success Package is offered for an 11 month term starting February 1, 2021 (January 1, 2022 renewal going forward). This will align it with the HBRP ebook subscription in subsequent years. Pricing details are below.





January 4, 2021
New Questions and Answers from the vendor have been added below under Additional Information. A new flyer that removes the ebook content is also available below.


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Additional Information

Content Q&A from the vendor


How are the cases selected for inclusion? Is there a specific criteria, such as frequency of times that each case was purchased for university courses? 
This product was not developed to necessarily replace individual faculty, staff or student case study purchases. This would be very difficult to do based on wide range of cases, purchasing sites and individuals as well as patron needs. That said, for certain classes and requirements this product could in fact replace individual case purchases. One of the goals of the product was to create a collection of cases based on existing content that addresses specific current trends. It also provides access to 2000+ cases at a substantial discounted rate vs. buying all of the individual cases included. The year the case was created was not taken in consideration because many of their most popular and relevant cases are 5, 10, 20+ years ago.

What are the plans for adding new cases to the collection?
The collection will be refreshed on an annual basis (starting March 2022) to include newly eligible and relevant case studies.

Are there plans for how/when cases will be removed from the collection? 
As of now, there are no plans to remove any of the cases. And in the very unlikely event that any are removed, then two options 1) EBSCO would work with HBP on a plan for specific issues with specific libraries and 2) Cases would not be removed without fair warning (several months).

How is access to Teaching Notes managed?
The Teacher Notes are available for free via HBP site, but the cases are accessed via EBSCOhost/EDS.

Questions about the non-Case content of the package

Is the Core Curriculum expanded versions of existing cases and HBR articles?
The Core Curriculum is a completely different product, with no overlap with cases.

What are the plans for adding to and updating the Core Curriculum content?
Right now, there are noplans to add additional readings to Core Curriculum. These readings took Harvard Business School faculty years to create, curate and prove valuable (by using them with their students at Harvard Business School). 

Is the HBR Ascend module part of this package?
Ascend is not part of this package. HBP is developing a larger, more content rich product but it is not ready for distribution via EBSCO yet. 


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