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GVRL eBooks Offer 2016-2017

Response Deadline: 
December 2, 2016

As part of the 2016 eBook Bonanza, this Gale offer provides a base consortial discount of 10% off the list price for ebook titles purchased for purpetual access through GVRL. Additional discounts will be applied based on participation, aggregated across all all BC ELN Partner Libraries. 

This is a one-time purchase; hosting fees will be waived in year 1 for new customers as well as existing GVRL customers who make a purchase through BC ELN this year. Hosting fees will apply in year 2.


An addendum to BC ELN's current, signed Gale Licensing Agreement, which will cover GVRL perpetual access purchases, is under negotiation. Once the document has been finalized, it will be posted on the website.


Gale Virtual Reference Library
Unlimited Authorized Users

Additional Information

Perpetual Access:

The GVRL ebook titles are purchased with perpetual access rights. Hosting fees apply from the second year onward.

MARC Records:

MARC Records can be accessed through Gale Admin.

More information is available at