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Films on Demand Renewal 2019-2020

Response Deadline: 
December 6, 2019

Subscription Term


January 1, 2020


December 31, 2020

Renewal pricing is now available for Films on Demand streaming video collections. Pricing has increased 2.5% over 2019.   BC ELN continues to receive a 15% consortia discount which is included in the pricing below.


New for this renewal: Previously Can-Core was offered as an extension of Films on Demand. With the added content and new platform, it is now a new independent offer found at

Content update: Of 17,799 titles added in 2018 and 2019 YTD, 9215 have a 5-year copyright (2014-2019). 

Broadcasters include:

  • Guardian News & Media
  • ARTE France
  • Global Screen (a broadcast alliance in Germany)
  • NHK
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Aljazeera
  • Deutsche Welle
  • France Television
  • The Wellness Network (aka Milner-Fenwick)
  • VEA/ClickView

Platform updates: platform updated in Jan/February; the new Admin module updated in January; App expected in Fall 2019. Platform updates summary: 

  • improved Top-Menu Navigation
  • Fully-responsive design/ Mobile friendly
  • Dark-display option
  • Customizable home-screen design. Custom Sliders. 
  • New content taxonomy for greater discoverability
  • Larger video player on title detail pages
  • Featured series pages
  • Improved search results/ new multiple-filters
  • New Admin Portal with Audited Counter 4.0, SUSHI, customizable Marc record downloads

Note that the Technical Education Collection was renamed Trades and Technical Education as noted below.

Additional Information

A complete, searchable list of all videos currently available through Films On Demand is available here:

Films on Demand content is discoverable via EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).