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Feature Film Public Performance Rights - ACF Renewal 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
September 7, 2021

Subscription Term


October 1, 2021


September 30, 2022

Pricing is now available for the renewal for the Feature Film Public Performance Rights (PPR) license from Audio-Cine Films (ACF). There has been no increase in per-FTE pricing over last year.

The PPR licence includes the following options:

  • For all institutions, Entertainment PPR to cover the showing of films on campus outside the classroom, e.g. a student club's movie night; and
  • For for-profit institutions only, Educational PPR to cover the showing of films in the classroom.

  • As per the notice from ACF last year, this year's license only applies to indoor screenings and all outdoor screenings must be double checked and approved in advance by the vendor
  • Important note for ACF Streaming subscribers: Sites that subscribe to the ACF Streaming Service no longer have public performance rights included in that package. A separate PPR license must be used.

Additional Information

Rights FAQs:

ACF Streaming subscribers do not need a PPR license for films shown through the streaming service. A PPR license is still required for any films shown through other media, such as DVDs.

See the Resource pages for detailed information on the performance rights:

Studios and Films Covered by the ACF License:

See the Resource pages for links to title lists.

Questions? Contact: 
Reba Ouimet