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EBSCO eBooks Purchase Offer 2017-2018

Response Deadline: 
March 19, 2018

Subscription Term


April 1, 2018


March 31, 2019

BC Electronic Library Network, COPPUL, and The Alberta Library are participating again this year in a special offer for EBSCO eBooks. The final pricing discount will be determined by participation throughout Western Canada. Last year a 20% discount was achieved.

eBooks in this offer are only available for purchase with access in perpetuity.

  • The deadline has been extended to 2pm, March 19th.
  • Direct orders to EBSCO through YBP Gobi or EBSCOhost Collection Manager will NOT qualify for the discount.; Participants must place orders directly through BCELN and EBSCO.
  • Please send your orders to us, and cc Robin Corder:


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Additional Information

Access Information

All eBooks are available at 1B1U (one book for one user at a time) and most of the books are available at 1B3U (one book for three users at a time) and 1BUU (one book for unlimited users at a time). Available access levels are noted in EBSCO's ECM.


Answers to many of the most frequently asked questions can be found in the EBSCO ebooks COPPUL checklist. If you are having difficulty retrieving this PDF, try this word version.

download EBSCO MARC records FAQ