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ebrary Academic Complete Renewal 2016-2017

Response Deadline: 
November 7, 2016

Subscription Term


November 1, 2016


October 31, 2017

Renewal pricing (option 1) and a special All Participant Deal (option 2) are now available for ebrary Academic Complete, College Complete, and University Press. BC ELN, COPPUL, The Alberta Library, and the Manitoba Library Consortium are participating in the ebrary renewal.


October 11, 2016
Title lists for the University Press Collection have been uploaded below under supporting documentation. In order to give institutions time to explore the trial site and evaluate the title list, the deadline to indicate interest in Option 2 has been extended until November 7 for new subscribers. 
Current subscribers that are interested in a renewal of Option 1, should Option 2 not go forward, should notify BC ELN by October 24 if they have not already done so. There will be no invoices generated until the outcome on the Option 2 decision is confirmed.

Migration FAQ: a Proquest Ebook Central migration FAQ has been added in the Supporting Documentation section below.

There are two options for renewal this year.

Option 1: Current participants are being offered a 0% change on their renewal.

Option 2: There is also an "All Participant Deal" in which all Western Canadian institutions participate to receive the Academic Complete, College Complete and University Press collections on the new Ebook Central platform for approximately 30% more than current combined spend.

While 100% participation on option 2 may not be achieved, the initial responses from libraries will be used to further negotiate with Proquest after the Oct 24 deadline.






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Proquest offers recorded webinars as well as dedicated training. Their training schedule is available at:
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Webinars have also been scheduled for the final week of October, first week of November. Please contact BC ELN licensing if you require the schedule and access information.

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