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August 6, 2021

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September 1, 2021


August 31, 2022

The BC ELN licence for, the streaming audio and video product from CBC and Radio-Canada is up for renewal. There has been no increase in per-FTE pricing from 2020/2021. Pricing may vary based on updated FTEs.

Institutions can also opt to add the following streaming news products at an additional cost: L'Actualité en revue (French), News in Review (English), National Geographic (English/French), and the BBC Channel (English/French). Each of the five products needs its own subscription. A library must subscribe to the base in order to add another component. 


May 13, 2021: The vendor has provided the following update: Authentication to the new Curio platform will be available in the four following cases: Institutional email address; Single sign-on (SSO); Proxy; IP Authentification. On campus, users will automatically access the platform via the IP address. However, with your institutional login, you can create a customized profile, organize content based on specific needs, share content with other users and use all the other functionalities offered on the Curio platform.

May 11, 2021: BC ELN has received and heard your feedback regarding the upcoming changes to Curio. As this is a ConCan renewal led and negotiated by BCI, the BCI lead is bringing this feedback to the vendor for discussion. Updates from discussion will be provided as they are given to us.

May 7, 2021: The CBC is launching a new platform for Curio, scheduled for August 2021. It is intended to be more user-friendly with regards to finding the content. The only written information we received regarding the new platform is contained in the two new 1-page brochures (English and French) in the "Supporting Documentation" section. BC ELN has been told that remote users will have to use their institutional email to access the content remotely. On-site access will be authenticated by IP address. This will address issues some libraries may have had with configuring EZProxy for use with Subscribing libraries were asked to provide updated contact, IP and domain information in order to facilitate the implementation of the new remote access accounts in early May. 

If any institutions cannot produce their usage stats using their access codes, please contact Veronica Barton or directly and she will produce the stats. 


Description: gives teachers and students streaming access to the best in educational video and audio from CBC and Radio-Canada. You'll find documentaries from television and radio, news reports and more — all available with a single subscription!

Our collection features thousands of programs and hundreds of teacher resource guides carefully curated to support provincial K-12 curricula and post-secondary courses across the country. gives teachers and students 24/7 access to a wealth of primary-source content in English and French. It’s a great tool to help students develop critical-thinking skills. Every week, we add new content selected for its educational relevance, always commercial-free, including the latest from CBC’s award-winning documentary, news, drama, and children's programming (e.g. The Nature of Things, The Fifth Estate and The National). Curio offers:

  • more than 10,000 resources
  • content in both English and French
  • documentaries, TV/radio shows, podcasts, archival clips and more
  • material for every academic level from elementary to university
  • material for every subject
  • teacher guides
  • the Curio Info and News In Review current affairs channels
  • channels from the BBC and National Geographic
  • new resources every week

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Last updated: Sept 1, 2021


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To RENEW your current subscription, no response is required. To JOIN, CHANGE OPTIONS, or CANCEL a subscription, libraries should contact BC ELN by the deadline.

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