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Criterion on Demand Renewal 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
October 8, 2021

Subscription Term


October 1, 2021


September 30, 2022

BC ELN is pleased to offer a licence for Criterion on Demand, a streaming media service offering access to over 2,000 major motion pictures (largely Hollywood films). There is a 3% increase over last year's pricing.


October 5, 2021: Fox titles, previously only available on campus, are now available for both on and off campus access on a continuing basis.

Criterion on Demand has reported an increase in usage of over 90% across Canadian post-secondary subscribers. The vendor has taken steps to upgrade the site and its servers to address the increased traffic to improve the site experience for users.

  • Over 300 new titles were added to Criterion on Demand during this term. Many are titles directly requested by Canadian subscribing libraries.
  • More than 200 additional new titles will be added to Criterion on Demand by December 31, 2021.
  • The Criterion on Demand catalogue pages were updated to make discovery of content easier, search result pages simpler, with title pages now including both English and French title info and playback options.
  • Criterion on Demand servers were upgraded and site infrastructure updated to decrease page loading times and accommodate increasing traffic to site.


Remote Access
Unlimited Access

Additional Information


Unlimited access, both on and off-campus, via IP address authentication. Access to the streaming media films is available through links in the MARC records or through a link to the CoD platform.


In order to play films in Internet Explorer 11 on the Windows 7 operating system, the user must have the Silverlight browser plug-in installed. This is a DRM system which is designed to prevent misuse of the digital content. Silverlight is free and takes only a few minutes to download and install. 

Most other browsers do not require Silverlight. 

Supporting Documentation:

Supporting documentation, including title lists, can be found on the BC ELN Criterion on Demand resource page.

MARC Records

MARC records can be downloaded from

MARC records are released quarterly. 

Proxy Stanza:

Standard Stanza:

Option DomainCookieOnly
T Criterion
Option Cookie

Additional Implementation Details:

Criterion is willing to add new titles to the platform at the request of libraries. Criterion must already hold the Canadian rights for the film/studio in question. The request form is available at: 

When Criterion receives a new title request for CoD, they advise that it will be considered for inclusion in the next batch content update. Content updates usually are uploaded twice per year (occasionally quarterly if there are many titles). If it is a rush request, Criterion will offer to add a single title within 10-business days for a admin/lab fee of $205. When rush requests are uploaded they do not include a MARC record – the MARC record will come with the next batch content update.