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CJDB (CUFTS Journal Database) Renewal 2016-2017

Response Deadline: 
June 29, 2016

Subscription Term


July 1, 2016


June 30, 2017

Renewal pricing for the CJDB (CUFTS Journal Database) is now available. The CJDB is a serials management tool developed and hosted by SFU Library as part of the reSearcher suite. It is an optional add-on module to the GODOT link resolver and CUFTS KnowledgeBase.

The costs of the GODOT link resolver and CUFTS KnowledgeBase are paid for through BC ELN core funding for all BC ELN partner libraries which are not full members of COPPUL. COPPUL members are reminded that they should license reSearcher components (including the CJDB) through COPPUL.

Additional Information

CJDB Administration:

Access to the Admin Module:

CJDB is administered via the CUFTS admin module, located at:

Sites already using the CUFTS admin module for link resolving should be able to access the CJDB admin functions using their existing passwords. If you require a password, please contact

Adding Print Holdings:

Libraries may add print holdings, in MARC format, if desired. The first time you upload MARC records in CJDB Data (CUFTS Admin), click Test. Once testing is complete, MARC record uploads can be scheduled at your convenience.

After your MARC records have been loaded, you can use the admin module to update them. Updates will be merged into your journal list by noon the next day (because of the volume of processing required, it's run as a batch job once a day).

Customizing the Interface:

Interface customization (e.g. adding your own header or footer) is done by editing web templates through the admin utility. Some knowledge of HTML is required. Libraries may choose to do their own customization, or BC ELN can do basic customizations.

Exporting MARC Records:

MARC records for your collection can be downloaded from the CJDB adminstration.

Customizing Subject Headings:

Local subject headings and lists can be created using the tagging feature. Details are available on the BC ELN website at

More information is available on the CUFTS site.

Questions? Contact: 
Sunni Nishimura