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Canadian Newsstream Renewal 2018-2019

Response Deadline: 
July 25, 2018

Subscription Term


August 1, 2018


July 31, 2019

Pricing is now available for Canadian Newsstream renewal. As was announced in 2016, three-year pricing has been negotiated. We are in year 3 of that 3 year pricing. In summary:

  • Institutions that continue to subscribe to Canadian Newsstream Complete (and have done so since 2015 or earlier) will see a 0% increase over last year's price.
  • Institutions that chose to "ramp up" to get access to Canadian Newsstream Complete will be charged the amount to agreed upon in 2016, which is detailed below.
  • Institutions that chose to remain on Canadian Major Dailies will see a 0% increase over last year's price.

By way of background ... in 2016, Proquest began a rationalization process that affected a number of products that BC ELN offered, including Canadian Newsstream. Before that time, most BC ELN customers subscribed to Major Dailies or Canadian Newsstream Complete, but there were a number that subscribed to the Pacific Collection, which was eliminated as a standalone product during the rationalization process. Since the Pacific Collection content is available in Canadian Newsstream Complete, BC ELNĀ  negotiated significant reductions to the 2015 Newsstream pricing model, stable 0% increases for 3 years for existing subscribers of Major Dailies and Newsstream Complete, as well as 3-year transitional pricing for Pacific Collection subscribers in order to provide Partner Libraries an option for retaining Pacific Collection content at the best price via Newsstream Complete.