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Books at JSTOR Purchase Offer 2020-2021

Response Deadline: 
March 22, 2021

Subscription Term


April 1, 2021


March 31, 2022

Pricing is now available for Books at JSTOR, using a perpetual access/purchase model. JSTOR offers more than 100,000 ebooks from 275 scholarly publishers.

Participants in this offer will enjoy savings on titles purchased through JSTOR's DDA and EBA programs, as well as through their frontlist (2019-2021) and backlist (2018 or earlier) titles and subject collections. There is no minimum number of titles required to qualify for the savings.

Partner libraries that are joint members of BC ELN and COPPUL are asked to submit responses to BC ELN.


    New Publisher

    The University of Toronto Press has joined JSTOR's EBA model adding 4,446 titles, making it the first big Canadian university press to join the program and also making it the second largest contributor to the program overall (Princeton University Press being the largest).

    Upcoming Webinar

    JSTOR is hosting a webinar for BC ELN partner libraries on Wednesday, January 20th from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm PST

    Webinar description: Join us for a 60-minute introduction to JSTOR. We will be covering the JSTOR workspace, Text Analyzer and other tools that are useful for research and teaching, plus we'll share information on JSTOR's ebooks acquisition strategy.


    Open Access Titles

    There are now 6,500 open access ebooks from 90 publishers, including Brill, Cornell University Press, De Gruyter, and University of California Press. Search OA titles or download the title list.

    Resources during COVID-19

    JSTOR is making an expanded set of content freely available to subscribing libraries, through to June 30, 2021. Log in to your JSTOR admin account to request access to the expanded content.



    Books at JSTOR offers more than 100,000 ebooks from renowned scholarly publishers, integrated with journals and primary sources on JSTOR’s easy-to-use platform.


    As a not-for-profit with a mission to serve the academic community, JSTOR works closely with librarians, publishers, and scholars to develop this offering. We focus on delivering great content and experiences to researchers—and great value to academic libraries.

    Key Features:

    • High-quality content: We’re proud to work with leading academic publishers from around the world, including university presses, public policy organizations, and independent presses.
    • Integration with journals: Users can search across the full text of ebooks and journals on JSTOR.  Placing the ebooks into users’ existing research workflows helps increase discovery and usage.
    • Ease of use: All ebook chapters are available exclusively in a DRM-free, unlimited-user model. They work just like the journal articles on JSTOR, with unlimited simultaneous use, PDF downloads, and printing, and no need to log in or use special software.

    Ebook Acquisition Models

    JSTOR offers flexible acquisition options to suit your collection strategy and budget. More details are available on the vendor's Ebook acquisition models page.

    Demand-Driven Acquisition:

    JSTOR’s Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) program offers access to a large set of titles for discovery and use, but your library only pays for those that reach a threshold of usage. This model allows libraries to align purchases more closely with patron needs, and ensures that you’ll never pay for titles that go unused.

    Evidence-Based Acquisition:

    Evidence-Based Acquisition offers access to more than 58,000 high-quality backlist titles from 95 publishers for a set upfront fee; after one year of unlimited access, you can select titles to acquire using the usage data as a guide. 

    Subject Collections:

    We offer sets of the latest 2020 content as well as sets of both frontlist and backlist ebooks that complement JSTOR’s thematic collections of journals, research reports, and primary sources. All subject collections provide perpetual access with no recurring fees.

    Title-by-Title Selection:

    You can build a customized collection by selecting ebooks from our full title list or by using criteria such as publisher, discipline, and copyright year. We can work with you to provide holdings comparisons or recommendations based on turnaway data.

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    Last updated: February 7, 2021


    Response Instructions

    All orders must be placed directly with BC ELN by the March 22, 2021 deadline. Late orders may be placed until December 31, 2021.

    Selecting Titles for Purchase

    • Libraries may select individual JSTOR titles or subject collections for purchase or choose to invest in JSTOR's EBA or DDA program (minimum amount of $2,500 USD required). There is no minimum number of titles required to qualify for the savings.
    • Select from the following title lists: All Book Titles (for title by title selection), Subject Collections, DDA Book Titles, EBA Book Titles

    Submitting Orders

    • ​Use the Books at JSTOR Order Form 2021 to submit your orders.
    • In the order form, indicate the type of order and titles of ebooks or collections your library is placing as well as your library's contact and access information.

    Please contact BC ELN with any questions about submitting orders.



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    Additional Information

    Additional Information:

    MARC Records

    Books at JSTOR offers free, high-quality MARC records from OCLC. The MARC records are available to all participating institutions, regardless of whether they are OCLC affiliates. You can download sample MARC records on the vendor's website (in .mrc format).