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Audio Cine Films (ACF) Streaming Renewal 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
July 21, 2021

Subscription Term


August 1, 2021


July 31, 2022

Renewal pricing is now available for ACF Streaming, a film streaming service from Audio Cine Films providing access to a variety of popular films. Pricing has increased by $0.01/FTE (approximately 4%).

This subscription includes public performance rights for all films in the streaming library. However, performances for any films that are not part of the streaming service still require a separate PPR license.



Streaming popular movies and classics has never been easier. As an inexpensive add-on to our standard public performance license, our streaming service allows you to view movies anywhere within your organization without the hassle of physical copies.

Available for K-12 Schools, School Boards and Associations, Libraries, Colleges, Universities, and other institutions.

  • Accounts are available either based on automatic IP recognition or through a standard login/password.
  • Hundreds of movies to choose from, additional titles are added on a monthly basis.
  • The majority of new releases are added within 1-2 days of being released in Blu-ray and DVD.
  • Multiple language options are available.
  • Titles can be added upon request.
  • FREE test accounts are available for product evaluation.
  • MARC Records and EZ Proxy capabilities are available.
  • Pre-Releases are NOT AVAILABLE in streaming.

This service includes the public performance rights licensing for all films in the streaming library. ACF-licensed films that are not in the streaming library still require a separate PPR license.

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Last updated: June 21, 2021


Response Instructions

To JOIN or CANCEL, libraries should contact BC ELN by the response deadline.

Terms & Conditions

Additional Information

There are currently over 700 titles available from ACF Streaming.  The Studios reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove titles. Loss of rights or embargoes are possible. The vendor will advise members of changes.

  • Movies can only be shown on campus for student related purposes.
  • All events have to be (nominally) for public performance student related events.
  • This agreement does not cover outdoor movie events, fundraisers or events involving the public at large. If student associations wish to present movies not available on the streaming website, movies only available in pre-release, or shown as part of public at large, fundraising or outdoor events – they must contact vendor directly for separate licensing.
  • Only movies available on the ACF Streaming website is available.
  • Streaming licenses cover all activities by registered students, staff and employees on campus and through distance-learning.
  • The license license covers only movies available on ACF’s streaming website and does not cover presentations using physical media or outdoor movie events. All events must be free of charge.
  • Movies that ACF has rights to, but that are not yet available on the streaming website may be requested. They may be added depending on availability, cost and pertinence.
  • Off campus access is supported through EZ Proxy, as long as it is for educational purposes and operated through the institution.

Technical information:

  • The system works best with GOOGLE CHROME. You may use other browsers, but they may require third party plug-ins.
  • Please log in through the main site (STREAMING on the left menu) or directly at
  • You can use multiple computers at the same time, but the speed will be dependent on your WIFI / internet connections.
  • If you have any connection issues (speed) please contact ACF. Schools and school board often have firewalls that prevent or slow down connections to movie sites.
  • Apple devices: The system is based on Google Chrome, in order to stream on Apple devices you need to download and install SWANK MEDIA PLAYER (available for FREE on the Apple Store)