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Alexander Street Press Online Videos Renewal 2016-2017

Response Deadline: 
November 28, 2016

Subscription Term


January 1, 2017


December 31, 2017

Renewal pricing is now available for Alexander Street Press individual subject collections, VAST: Academic Video Online, and Academic Video Online Premium. Prices have not increased over 2016 prices. There is a new 'at par' promotion available during the renewal phase for new subscribers (ends Dec. 31, 2016); new subscribers will be billed the Cdn equivalent to the US dollars. See the pricing section below for more details.

This is a joint BC ELN / e-HLbc license. The e-HLbc renewal offers the Alexander Street Press health-related video collections, while BC ELN offers all other individual subject collections, as well as VAST and Academic Video Online Premium. Please refer to the e-HLbc website to see a listing of the health-related video collections.

Note that Proquest has purchase Alexander Street Press. For this renewal, BC ELN will continue to work with Gibson Library Connection.

If you are interested in a health-related collection, and are not a member of e-HLbc, please contact BC ELN.


VAST Academic Video Online pricing is no longer being offered. There are no current BC ELN subscribers to the VAST collection.


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