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ACM Digital Library Renewal 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
May 28, 2021

Subscription Term


July 1, 2021


June 30, 2022

Renewal pricing is now available for the ACM Digital Library. There is no increase over last year's pricing.

The length-based and usage-based pricing model used by the vendor is not typically preferred by BC ELN; however, since ACM is a national license and the pricing represents good value for the content, we will continue to participate in this national subscription.

Partner libraries that are joint members of BC ELN and COPPUL are asked to submit responses to BC ELN.


As of July 1, 2021, the ACM Digital Library renewal will be an annual subscription for all subscribers and will be based on the same subscription model that was used in previous years. One-year terms will be offered as ACM shifts to a transformative model for open access publications. Canada-wide negotiations for ACM Open are ongoing, but are not being led by Consortia Canada. 




ACM Digital Library Platform
IP Authentication
Remote Access
Unlimited Access

Additional Information

Print Subscriptions

Print packages are available to subscribers at 25% off list price. Purchase of print packages is available to subscribing libraries directly through ACM Member Services and will not be administered by the consortium. Please note that this discounted pricing for print packages applies to any new or renewed print subscriptions ordered during the BC ELN renewal.

Institutional Usage Levels

ACM's pricing model for non-US participants is based in part on usage levels. ACM has instituted an automatic system whereby usage outside of their pre-set levels generates an automatic email to the institution (and to the chief negotiator). It is important that each institution keep track of any anomalies in their usage, that may be due to data mining (which is not permitted) or excessive downloading, as this has an impact on an institution's tier placement and pricing.

In a typical year, fewer than five such anomalies are generally reported. However, in 2015 almost 20 were reported in January and February. (These numbers refer to all ACM subscribers; there is no known history of such anomalies among BC ELN partner libraries in particular.)

Title Lists/MARC Records

ACM Digital Library title lists and MARC records are available on the vendor's website.

Post-Cancellation Agreement

Libraries that cancel their subscription will need to sign the ACM Digital Library Post-Cancellation Access License Agreement to be granted the right and license to use the archival content of the ACM Digital Library for perpetuity.