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New Student Librarians Join BC ELN

Photo of Sameena Sheriff on left and Casey Wagner on right.
June 26, 2024

This Spring BC ELN and eHLbc welcomed two new student librarians: Sameena Sheriff and Casey Wagner. Both are current MLIS students at the UBC iSchool, and will be providing project and service area support until December 2024.


Hello! My name is Sameena, and I am a second-year MLIS student at UBC. I have an undergraduate degree from Toronto Metropolitan University, where I majored in Marketing and minored in Sociology. Outside of work, I love reading, watching movies (especially with friends), swimming in the ocean, and having picnics. Additionally, I am part of a group of students at UBC who started a community library on campus, curating resources and hosting events focused on the Middle East and North Africa (Maktabat El-Yasmin).


Hey all! I’m Casey, an MLIS student about halfway through the program at UBC. I moved up to Vancouver recently for graduate school, but am originally from Tacoma, Washington. My academic background is in the history of labor and social movements, with a focus on illegal surveillance (BA from University of Washington-Tacoma). In my free time I enjoy video / board games, history books, and watching old movies. Great to meet you!


Photos: On left, Sameena Sheriff, on right, Casey Wagner.