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EBSCO Bursary Enables LLEAD Learning

Reba looks directly into the camera, smiling. She has shoulder length, wavy brown hair. She has brown tortoise-shell glasses, and is wearing a maroon turtle neck.
March 19, 2024

Reba Ouimet, BC ELN Licensing Coordinator, is grateful for the opportunity to take part in this year's LLEAD Program, made possible by a generous EBSCO Bursary. LLEAD stands out as the only leadership and management development program catering to individuals across academic, public, and enterprise libraries, as well as in information services. The EBSCO Bursary provides financial support for library staff members to engage in LLEAD. Reba is privileged to be selected for this support, which contributes significantly to her ongoing professional growth.

Every LLEAD attendee brings a project to the program for real-world learning. Below, Reba tells us about her LLEAD project and how her views of leadership are evolving as a result of engaging in the LLEAD Program.

What are you working on at LLEAD? What project are you focusing on?

I have integrated part of BC ELN’s large-scale licensing terms and conditions project into the course project for LLEAD.

With this project, I'm collaborating with a license agreement expert to revamp BC ELN's entire licensing process. We've created updated model licenses for BC ELN and eHLbc, along with explanatory documents for our members. Our negotiations with major vendors EBSCO and ProQuest have resulted in the acceptance of master licenses to cover current and future agreements. We're currently negotiating with other vendors to adopt this model, aiming to secure better terms for our members across all agreements.

Following this step, the process of uploading the new license agreements into ConsortiaManager will begin, so members can easily find and review relevant clauses for their agreements, all in one place. Finally, I hope to create clear internal processes and detailed documentation for consistent review and updating of all license agreements, to ensure they are always relevant and up to date.

What kind of things are you learning at LLEAD?

We’re learning about so many things! A few examples are project management, change management, coaching, conflict resolution and crucial conversations, and working effectively on a team. An important aspect of my learning has been about exploring the way leadership is prioritized over management, despite both being equally crucial in distinct ways. This separation is frequently observed in the library field, and understanding the significance of cultivating skills in both domains has been pivotal for my professional development.

It has also become clear to me that there is no personality type that has stronger leadership traits than another, and leadership can be adapted for the individual. This has been a key realization for me. Hearing from the mentors in LLEAD about their leadership journeys has been eye-opening, as they are from highly varied backgrounds and personality types and have all successfully used their skills to grow in their respective areas.

What have you gained from LLEAD? How will this help you in your professional growth?

I think I have gained a much more holistic and global view of leadership and BC ELN’s place in the library sector. It has been extremely useful to work closely with and learn from leaders across the library field in a variety of positions and library types. This additional perspective has solidified for me the importance of BC ELN’s role in the library community and allowed me to see how I can contribute to the field as an emerging library leader. On a micro scale, I have learned so much about the ‘people’ aspect of leadership and management, and how a strong leader relies on having a well-supported, healthy, and communicative team.