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New WriteAway Coordinator Kyle Beres Champions Accessible Writing Support

Kyle smiles into the camera. She has a black cap on her head and is wearing a tshirt and backpack. Behind her is a view of a trail.
February 14, 2024

Kyle Beres immediately embraced WriteAway nearly a decade ago when she first learned about the service, reminiscing, "I loved it. I wish it had been available when I was a student!" Fast forward to the present day, and Kyle has taken on the role of WriteAway Writing Services Coordinator, part of the BC ELN team. In this capacity, Kyle will play a pivotal role in the advancement, coordination, and assessment of WriteAway—an asynchronous writing support service spanning 20 institutions throughout British Columbia and extending into the Yukon.

Although the role may be new, Kyle's familiarity with WriteAway runs deep. Since 2015, she has been an active WriteAway tutor, helping countless students hone their academic writing skills. Reflecting on the student experience, Kyle highlights the accessibility WriteAway provides: "Students can receive writing assistance without leaving their homes. There's no schedule they have to fit into. It's an incredibly accessible way to get writing support." Kyle eagerly anticipates delving deeper into accessibility as a collaborative effort, stating, "I'm excited to connect with WriteAway institutions and tutors to explore how everyone approaches writing, so we can aim to make feedback even more accessible."

When asked about potential misconceptions surrounding online tutoring, Kyle addresses concerns about the perceived lack of connection between tutor and student. However, she challenges this notion, saying, "Despite not meeting face-to-face, as a tutor I feel a strong connection to every student whose work I review, even if the content isn't personal. And I hope through the constructive and positive feedback I share, I also let students learn about me." Kyle emphasizes the opportunity for students to submit multiple drafts, enabling tutors to see and comment on how individual students’ skills are progressing.

Beyond her involvement with WriteAway, Kyle will continue her work as a Writing Centre tutor. She has also recently crafted a study skills and test-taking course for the South Okanagan Immigrant & Community Services organization. She loves to be outside, often spending her free time running on trails, cross-country skiing, or paddleboarding—with her beloved dogs by her side whenever possible.

About WriteAway

WriteAway is a service for undergraduate students at participating post-secondary institutions seeking to improve their writing. Qualified tutors from each of the participating institutions staff the service and provide feedback, strategies, and resources to help students enhance their writing skills. Learn more at: WriteAway Online Writing Support.