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Fresh New Faces at BC ELN!

September 19, 2023

BC ELN welcomes two new Student Librarians to the fold! Jaclyn Fong and Sophia Kimber are UBC iSchool students in the MLIS program. Both will be working part-time for BC ELN on a variety of projects that will leverage their many skills and deepen their understanding of library consortia work. BC ELN has a history of providing work experience to students, and we are delighted to have Jaclyn and Sophia join us for the Fall. Read on for their introductions…

Jaclyn Fong, BC ELN

Hi everyone! I’m Jaclyn, a second year MLIS student at UBC. Before studying in Canada, I obtained my B.A., B.Ed., and M.A. degrees in English education and cultural studies in Hong Kong. I also taught English at a Hong Kong secondary school for a few years. Apart from my studies and work, I’m an avid traveler who has been to more than 20 countries. I also love film photography a lot and have been carrying my film cameras during my trips around the world.

Sophia Kimber, BC ELN

Hello! My name is Sophia Kimber, and I’m a Co-op student working at SFU. I am a MLIS student at UBC, with plans to finish up my degree by November of 2024! I have an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology, which I obtained in my hometown Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan. I absolutely adore reading and creating digital art in my spare time. I love cats and cooking complicated meals and desserts! The prairie winter is something I grew up in and enjoy, so don’t be alarmed if I am wearing a sweater when I should be wearing a jacket!