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BC ELN 2021 Annual Report Now Available

Cover of the Innovation & Success 2021 report
April 12, 2022

Through a clear plexiglass window, a student staff member waves a welcoming ‘hello’ to UBC Library patrons entering the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. The student’s shining, friendly eyes make it abundantly clear that behind their mask is a big smile.

The cover of Innovation & Success 2021 - the BC Electronic Library Network’s annual report - captures a moment showing how post-secondary libraries have continued to adapt to restrictions and challenges brought about by COVID-19, and have striven to meet needs of their students, faculty, and researchers in as welcoming a way as possible.

Online delivery of services has been a crucial component of supporting post-secondary library users through the pandemic, and BC ELN has played a role in helping libraries do that. Wherever they are studying, BC ELN connects students in BC and the Yukon with electronic resources, fast and friendly support through AskAway and WriteAway, and additional resources via interlibrary loan or Arca collaborative repository.

Innovation & Success 2021 tells the story of post-secondary libraries doing great things together, even through challenging times. A few highlights from this year’s report:

  • BC ELN collaboration helped the sector avoid over $10 million in costs (pg. 5)
  • Learner services AskAway and WriteAway continued to see increased traffic; institutions stepped up to meet the demand (pgs 7-8)
  • Emerging services extended BC ELN expertise and infrastructure to help GLAM sector organizations and support open access publishing (pg 11)

Download Innovation & Success 2021 and see previous reports at:

An accessible version of the report, appropriate for folks with low vision, those using a screenreader, or those who prefer a version that has a lighter visual touch, is available at: