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From Vision to Plan: Completing the BC ELN Strategic Plan

February 7, 2022

We’ve got a vision of where we want to go. Now how do we get there?

This is the question that BC ELN stakeholders (partner library directors, steering committee members, BC ELN staff) will aim to answer in the final two parts of the consortium’s Strategic Planning process, slated for this week and next.

The process began with initial two meetings in December last year, facilitated by HueLife. In the first meeting, participants discussed results of a pre-meeting survey to explore partner library perspectives of the past, present, and future of BC ELN. Then participants surfaced broader trends emerging in library services to be aware of moving forward. Using the visual metaphor of a wave, participants identified trends that are: a) on the horizon, b) emerging, c) established, d) in the trough (i.e. waning), and e) part of the undertow (i.e. pulling libraries down).

In the second session, prompted by the question “What do we want to see in 3-5 years as a result of our united efforts?” the group generated a list of elements that form a larger vision for the future of BC ELN.

In the next two meetings, set for February 10th and 15th, stakeholders will rejoin to determine how to move towards these vision elements.

How will we do this?

In the third session, attendees will explore what underlying contradictions may be blocking BC ELN from achieving its vision. These might include structures, habits, patterns, or beliefs that inhibit movement. By getting to the root of these barriers, we can effectively - and strategically - plan how we will address these and move towards our vision.

It helps here to think about having a plan for a nice, green lawn. You freshly mow all the high grass and dandelions heads away, only to find the dandelions popping fresh flower heads up days later. Unless you get to the dandelion roots and do something about them, your vision for that green lawn will be constantly hindered by dandelion regrowth.

And so, in our final session, stakeholders will identify innovative, substantial actions that will deal with the underlying contradictions AND move us toward our vision.

It will be an interesting set of meetings, rife with whole-consortial collaboration. We are excitedly anticipating the outcome!