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Focusing on the Future

November 25, 2021

We are a week out from the annual BC ELN All Partner Meeting, and excitement is building (at least it is around the BC ELN Office!)

In the olden days (pre-pandemic) the All Partner Meeting meant bringing together all our 33 partner library directors and Steering Committee members to meet for a full-day of topical discussions and networking. We’d make the event a sparkly affair, with treats, engaging activities, and of course (this is BC ELN remember) - a delicious lunch.

Since 2020 we’ve had to pivot, and now our All Partner Meeting is held online. We continue to do our best to add warmth and dazzle to our gathering despite our physical distance. Last year we sent tea and cookies to our attendees, and this year we’re sending sweet treats and a very special question to spark everyone’s imagination:

Looking to the future, how do we position BC ELN as a catalyst for flexible, solutions-based, equity-focused services for partner libraries and their students while taking advantage of growth opportunities on the horizon?

Why this question? Why now?

Well, we’re turning our All Partner Meeting this year - which has in fact morphed into two mornings rather than our usual full day agenda - over to facilitators who will lead us through a series of strategic planning activities that will help us clarify where BC ELN wants to go in the next 3-5 years.

This is our focus question. It’s meant to be our North Star, pulling our collective attention to a clear objective. It prompts us to reflect and think creatively while still focused on identifying realistic options.

Next week we - staff, partner library directors and guests, and Ministry stakeholders - will begin to look at where BC ELN has been, where it is, and where we want it to go. We can’t wait to get started.