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Kyle smiles into the camera. She has a black cap on her head and is wearing a tshirt and backpack. Behind her is a view of a trail.

Kyle Beres immediately embraced WriteAway nearly a decade ago when she first learned about the service, reminiscing, "I loved it. I wish it had been available when I was a student!" Fast forward to the present day, and Kyle has taken on the role of WriteAway Writing Services Coordinator, part of the BC ELN team. In this capacity, Kyle will play a pivotal role in the advancement, coordination, and assessment of WriteAway—an asynchronous writing support service spanning 19 institutions throughout British Columbia and extending into the Yukon.

Sasha smiles at the camera, with a blurred background of a restaurant. Sasha has long black wavy hair that falls several inches below her shoulders.

Growing up, Sasha Han developed a love for Nancy Drew books. She was intrigued by the heroine’s ability to follow clues and solve problems. To this day Sasha is drawn to a good mystery, and that passion for solving puzzles plays out in an unexpected domain: managing metadata. “Tracking down missing colons, figuring out how to disambiguate between like terms – it feels like detective work!” Sasha enthuses. Fortunately for BC ELN’s impending Arca migration, Sasha steps into the role of the new Arca Migration Specialist, ready to be “on the case”.

Collage of photographs from the All Partner Meeting. Text overlay reads All Partner Meeting 2023.

On December 1st, directors and delegates from BC ELN partner libraries convened in Vancouver for the annual BC ELN All Partner Meeting, hosted at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. This full day event brings together leaders from post-secondary libraries and our Ministry representative to delve into topics that affect the BC ELN community.

BC ELN’s WriteAway is celebrating its 10-year anniversary! From a proof-of-concept pilot ten years ago to a thriving collaborative service with 19 participating institutions across BC and the Yukon, WriteAway has become an important source of academic support, fostering a culture of excellence in writing and learning. 

Four women, including Sunni Nishimura and Reba Ouimet from BC ELN, stand in front of a building in Prague

In a stride towards fostering international collaboration and gaining a broader understanding of library consortia operations, BC ELN Executive Director Sunni Nishimura and Licensing Coordinator Reba Ouimet journeyed to Prague in October. Their destination: the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) European meeting. This annual event serves as a hub for professionals from library consortia worldwide, fostering knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration.

speech bubble with text that reads We are hiring: WriteAway Writing Services Coordinator. There are decorative lines emerging from the speech bubble and the background is green. At the bottom is the WriteAway logo.

BC ELN is hiring a permanent part-time WriteAway Writing Services Coordinator. The WriteAway Writing Services Coordinator, in conjunction with the BC ELN Executive Director, assists with the development, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of WriteAway writing services. The Coordinator works with writing centre coordinators and writing professionals at participating institutions to coordinate best practices and services. The position is responsible for providing appropriate platform training, technical support and scheduling of writing support staff.

Selfie of Brandon Weigel by a lake. He is smiling at the camera.

Thanks to the generous support from the EBSCO Bursary, BC ELN’s Arca manager, Brandon Weigel, is participating in the LLEAD program this year. LLEAD is the only leadership and management development program for employees in all roles within academic, public and enterprise libraries and information services. The EBSCO Bursary supports staff employed in Canada's college, public, and university libraries to participate in LLEAD, and Brandon is honoured to receive support for his professional development.  

Half body shot of Sunni Nishimura. She is smiling at the camera with shoulder-length wavy black hair and glasses. She stands in front of a backdrop of autumn trees.

The start of the new fall term also welcomes BC ELN’s newly appointed Executive Director, Sunni Nishimura, who has been with BC ELN since 2006.  From AskAway to Arca, WriteAway to eHLbc, Sunni has been highly involved in kickstarting and optimizing services provided by BC ELN. Under the gentle autumn breeze, Sunni shares her experience at BC ELN, the current projects she is working on, and her vision for BC ELN in her new role as the Executive Director. 

Close up of a clothing label that reads: "100% team player, likes focus time in A.M. prefers email over text, motivated by solving tricky problems. Do Share your Ideas, Do give me time to think, Do not avoid difficult discussions"

Understanding the interplay of individual work styles is an important aspect of fostering a productive and amicable workplace. Much like clothing labels guide us on how to best care for our garments, imagine if we could carry and show “care instructions” for ourselves at work, highlighting our motivations, communication preferences, and how we like to collaborate...

BC ELN welcomes two new Student Librarians to the fold! Jaclyn Fong and Sophia Kimber are UBC iSchool students in the MLIS program. Both will be working part-time for BC ELN on a variety of projects that will leverage their many skills and deepen their understanding of library consortia work. BC ELN has a history of providing work experience to students, and we are delighted to have Jaclyn and Sophia join us for the Fall. Read on for their introductions…

Covers of all four Actions & Achievement reports

Are you on the hunt for some cool, current reports that show off the amazing teamwork happening in libraries across BC and the Yukon? Look no further… BC ELN has dropped its Actions & Achievements 2022 reports for the following services:

Head and shoulders shot of Sunni Nishimura. She smiles at the camera. She has shoulder lenght wavy black hair and glasses.

BC ELN's next Executive Director is Sunni Nishimura!

The BC Open Textbook collection has been renamed the B.C. Open Collection by BCcampus!

Starting in 2023, the title links in the full sets have been updated to the new B.C. Open Collection page. All URLs (856s) within the MARC records are stable permalinks. And the deletions file contains titles that were archived or were not migrated to the new collection. Upcoming third quarter additions will also contain the new OERs available.

The British Columbia History Digitization Program (BCHDP) and BC ELN are seeking early notice from prospective applicants for the 2024/2025 funding year. This will enable program staff to follow-up with applicants eligible for and interested in additional support during the grant application process.

Poster of illustrations of students working at laptops. Text overlay reads: We're hiring. Asynchronous Writing Tutor. WriteAway is looking for a temporary part-time asynchronous writing tutor (online/remote). Apply by July 10th!

BC ELN is seeking an Asynchronous Writing Tutor (online/remote) for WriteAway.

View from above of a moving box and two pink converse sneakers.

The BC ELN Offices are temporarily moving from the SFU Library to a different location on SFU campus for approximately one year, starting June 22nd. The move is to accommodate Library employees who are displaced while renovations take place on the Library’s fifth floor.

Please take note of the following:

New Location

Our temporary office will be in Discovery 2 at SFU.

Mailing address

BC Electronic Library Network

Simon Fraser University

8888 University Drive

Discovery 2 – 112

The provider neutral Legislative Library MARC records zip archive of all 2022 files is now available, along with the October 2022 to March 2023 monthly records.

Download them from the BC ELN website here:

Please contact us if you have any questions!

BC ELN member library staff now have access to a series of online, self-directed modules to learn about BC ELN and its services. If you're new to BC ELN, moving into a new role at your institution, or just looking for a refresher on the consortium, the BC ELN Orientation Series is for you.

A wooden treasure box that is slightly ajar - light glows from within the box. Background is black.

Arca Digital Repository will receive $500,000 from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills to migrate its technical infrastructure – which is reaching end-of-life – to Islandora 2. This critical funding ensures that Arca’s current digital collections will continue to be safely preserved and openly accessible. Once migrated, the new infrastructure will also improve the Arca experience for both member sites and visitors searching through collections.

Top photograph: library front desk staff member smiling. Bottom photo: Students work at study carrels in the Coquitlam College Library

Entering the front doors of Coquitlam College, I’m struck by a swirl of activity. Students sit in clusters in the lobby, chatting and laughing while groups of people walk through the area on their way to a class or other destination. A friendly person from the reception office points me towards the library and I must weave my way along a busy hallway to get there. Once I arrive, Billy Augustine, Coquitlam College librarian, pops out of his office and greets me with a smile.


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