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Licence Terms and Conditions

BC ELN negotiates the best terms of use for the products we license on behalf of partner libraries. Whenever possible, the consortium uses its model licence in negotiations as a way to ensure optimal usage rights.

Negotiated licence agreements as well as summaries of key permitted uses are provided below.

BC ELN is happy to assist partners with their questions; however, the consortium does not interpret licence agreements. It is the responsibility of individual institutions to review the licence and determine whether a specific use is permitted or not. Institutions are also encouraged to consult legal experts at their home institution with their questions.

Licence Summary Licence Document
ACLS Humanities E-Book
ACM Digital Library PDF icon ACM_BCELN_LA.pdf
Alexander Street Press Online Videos PDF icon ASP_BCELN_LA.pdf
AutoMate PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
BC ELN Common Suite PDF icon EBSCO_BC_ELN_Master_LA.pdf, PDF icon 2018_EBSCO_Schedule_1_AS_and_BS.pdf
Berg Fashion Library PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
Bibliography of Native North Americans PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
Books at JSTOR PDF icon JSTOR_BCELN_LA.pdf
Business Market Research Collection PDF icon ProQuest_BCELN_LA.pdf
Canadian Almanac and Directory PDF icon CanadianAlmanac_BCELN_LA.pdf
Canadian Literary Centre PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
Canadian Newsstream PDF icon ProQuest_BCELN_LA.pdf
Canadian Reference Centre PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
Canadian Research Index PDF icon ProQuest_BCELN_LA.pdf
CBCA PDF icon ProQuest_BCELN_LA.pdf
Communication & Mass Media Complete PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
CPI. Q PDF icon Gale_BCELN_LA.pdf
Criminal Justice Abstracts PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
Criterion on Demand PDF icon Criterion_BCELN_LA.pdf PDF icon Curio_BCELN_LA.pdf.pdf
EBSCO Academic e-Books PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf, PDF icon EBSCO-ConsortiaeContentAgreementAppendixB.pdf
EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)
EBSCO e-Books Special Offer PDF icon BCELNEBSCOLicenseFinal080620.pdf
Encyclopedia Britannica Online Academic Edition PDF icon Britannica_BCELN_LA.pdf
Feature Film Public Performance Rights - ACF PDF icon AudioCine_BCELN_LA.pdf
Feature Film Public Performance Rights - Criterion PDF icon Criterion_ffPPR_BCELN_LA.pdf
Films on Demand PDF icon FOD_BCELN_LA.pdf
Global Books in Print PDF icon GlobalBooksInPrint_BCELN_LA.pdf
Grove Art Online & Grove Music Online PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
Hospitality and Tourism Complete PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
ICIS Data Sharing Initiative PDF icon ICIS_BCELN_LA.pdf, PDF icon ICISDataPoliciesV2.pdf
Informit Indigenous Collection PDF icon RMIT_BC ELN_LA.pdf
KnowBC PDF icon KnowBC_BCELN_LA.pdf
LexisNexis PDF icon LexisNexis_BCELN_LA.pdf
Library & Information Science PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf
Literary Research Package PDF icon Gale_BCELN_LA.pdf
Maclean's Magazine Archive
National Film Board CAMPUS PDF icon NFB_BCELN_LA.pdf
National Geographic Virtual Library PDF icon NatlGeo_BCELN_LA.pdf
netLibrary PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_NetLibrary_LA.pdf
OUP Biographies PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
OUP Dictionaries PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
OUP Language and Culture PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
Oxford History of Western Music PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
Oxford Reference Online PDF icon OUP_BCELN_LA.pdf
Points of View PDF icon EBSCO_BCELN_LA.pdf