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October 1, 2018


September 30, 2019
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan: 
ILL Permissions Summary: 

Perform interlibrary loan by paper or electronic means of a single copy of an individual document within the guidelines of traditional interlibrary loan practices and applicable copyright laws [3.4.3]


Ereserves Permissions Summary: 

PERSISTENT LINKS to individual articles for access by Authorized Users for Permitted Uses are allowed, from within secure authentication environments [section 3.4.2] ELECTRONIC RESERVES / VIRTUAL LEARNING: Members and Authorized Users may incorporate parts of the Licensed Material in resource lists and in any other material (including but not limited to multi-media works) to be used in the course of instruction and/or in virtual and managed environments (including but not limited to virtual learning environments, managed learning environments, virtual research environments and library environments) hosted on a Secure Network (only accessible to Authorized Users by Secure Authentication). Each item shall carry appropriate acknowledgment of the source, listing title and copyright owner. Permission to include content in coursepacks is NOT included under the terms of this license. [section 3.5]

Archival Access

Archival Access: 

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