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March 1, 2019


February 29, 2020

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan: 
ILL Permissions Summary: 

Institutional Licensees may wish to use the textual Content, namely Back Issues, Current Issues and Books, for the purpose of fulfilling occasional requests from other libraries, a practice commonly called Interlibrary Loan. Institutional Licensees may use Licensed Content for Interlibrary Loan provided that such use is not at a volume that would substitute for a subscription to the journal, acquisition of access to a Book, or participation in JSTOR by the receiving institution and is in accordance with United States or international copyright laws, guidelines, or conventions. For Books, this shall mean Interlibrary Loan shall be restricted to a single copy of a Book chapter. Institutional Licensees shall comply with the CONTU Guidelines, available at unless the Institutional Licensee is subject to similar international guidelines or customary and usual practices regarding Interlibrary Loan. Transmission of Licensed Content shall be from one library to another (not directly to users) through post or fax, or secure electronic transmission, such as Ariel or its equivalent. To facilitate direct contact with publishers for the provision of Content outside the allowable scope of Interlibrary Loan or for other permissions, publisher information is available at


Ereserves Permissions Summary: 

Institutions and users may not: ....

(k) reproduce or distribute Content in bulk, such as the inclusion of Content including portions of Content (e.g., Book chapters, individual articles and/or journal issues) or Content in course packs, electronic reserves, repositories, or organizational intranets (but see Section 4.1(f) above). [Please note: linking to Books at JSTOR from syllabi, reading lists, etc., is encouraged.]

Archival Access

Archival Access: 
Archival Access Permissions Summary: 

As an archive serving the scholarly community, JSTOR provides long term preservation of the Back Issue material in its collections by pursuing best practices and standards in the creation and maintenance of the JSTOR Platform and establishing mirror sites and multiple back up files for all of the materials in the JSTOR Platform, and for those Back Issue materials included in the JSTOR Platform that have print editions, establishing dedicated repositories at several participating institutions to house and preserve the print copies under archival-quality conditions. With the support of Institutional Licensees, JSTOR is also developing an endowment to ensure the long term operating viability of the JSTOR Platform. Institutional Licensees typically pay an Annual Access Fee (a recurring payment for access to the JSTOR Platform) and an Archive Capital Fee (a one-time fee to ensure long term preservation, upgrading and enhancements of the scholarly materials on JSTOR). Should an Institutional Licensee elect to terminate access to a JSTOR Back Issue collection, it may resume access to that Back Issue collection and all content subsequently added to that collection at any time in the future through payment of only the Annual Access Fee (unless the Institutional Licensee has remaining installments of the Archive Capital Fee in which case it will also resume paying that fee from the point at which the Institutional Licensee left).

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