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ACM Digital Library

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July 1, 2017


June 30, 2018

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan: 
ILL Permissions Summary: 

Interlibrary loan of ACM Digital Library material is allowed.
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Ereserves Permissions Summary: 

ELN partner libraries may include items from the Digital Library for use in connection with classroom instruction. Faculty members are allowed to reuse all ACM copyrighted material for classroon/educational use.
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Archival Acess

Archival Access: 
Archival Access Permissions Summary: 

ELN partner libraries who have subscribed for 3 consecutive years or more will have archival access rights through the date of the subscription termination, without being tied to the maintenance of a current subscription. Access to such rights will be made available at a fair and reasonable price, to be determined by ACM at that time.
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About the eResource

A full-text research, discovery and networking platform containing all ACM publications, a collection of full-text publications from select publishers, and the ACM Guide to Computing Literature, a comprehensive bibliographic database focused on computing. [from vendor]